Machinery and Equipment

Belpile Owned

Our current modern fleet of rigs and specialist equipment ranges from mini-pile rigs for confined space work to self-erecting track-mounted hydraulic drilling rigs. In addition, a full range of bentonite plant and equipment is available to enable uncased piles to be constructed in unstable soil conditions. All Belpile machinery and equipment is fully owned and operated by Belpile personnel.

Extended Capability

Belpile also have several options for hired plant due to our alignment with other industry sources. This extended capability includes large CFA/bored piling equipment and ensures we can provide our clients added flexibility where multiple rigs are required. Using hired plant, Belpile have previously installed CFA piles up to 1050mm diameter to 18m depth.



Tescar CF6

Tescar CF3

Soilmec PSM8

Hutte HBR203

Operating Weight 60t40t20t12t8.3t6.2t*1.3t*
Typical Pile Sizes450-1200mm350-750mm350-600mm350-600mm90-200mm300-600mm300mm
Pile DepthDeepDeepMidMid/ShallowMidMid/ShallowMid/Shallow
Conventional CFA Piles
Sectional CFA Piles
Cased CFA Piles
Enlarged Base Piles
Contiguous/Secant Piling
Light Weight Machine
Close to Wall Applications
Limited Headroom/Access
Ground Anchors/Soil Nails
*Powerpack weight additional