Continuous Flight
Auger Systems

Belpile provide a wide variety of Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling systems which are suitable for conventional headroom and limited access applications.

The core products and services we can provide include:

  • Foundation piling

    including small to large diameter CFA or enlarged base ‘Belpiles’

  • Ground Retention Systems

    including contiguous and secant pile walls with temporary ground anchors or propping systems where required

  • Limited access piling

    specialist machinery to allow pile installation in headroom as low as 2.0m and restricted access as narrow as 1.2m

  • Top down and high precision (low tolerance) piling

    for cast in plunge columns and hold down assemblies

Belpile can provide a range of auger sizes and piling equipment, with the capability of installing straight shaft CFA piles ranging from 250mm to 1050mm diameter. Our enlarged base pile capability also offers additional versatility. Dependent on ground conditions, our machinery has the capacity to construct straight shaft piles over 20m deep. Specialist equipment and techniques including close to wall drilling heads and cased CFA (double rotary head) enhance our capability in the ground retention sector.

Belpile have always placed a high priority on installation monitoring and have extensive experience in the design and implementation of monitoring systems. Our modern rigs are equipped with the latest in automated monitoring technology (Jean Lutz) to provide a superior level of quality control. These electronic data-logging systems continuously monitor piles during construction, providing real time measurements of drilling torque, penetration rates, concrete pressure, volume and extraction rates. Belpile have the capability to provide real time monitoring data from our machines remotely.

Extensive monitoring experience using the latest technology

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