Ground Retention Solutions

Belpile have extensive experience in the design and construction of piled ground retention solutions including contiguous and secant pile walls for applications above and below the groundwater table in a variety of soil and soft rock conditions. We can provide cantilever, temporary propped, buttress or anchored solutions to suit a range of excavation depths and meet project specific requirements. We can provide wall sizes ranging from 300-900mm diameter in a contiguous pile application and 450-900mm for a secant pile application. Belpile can also design and install grouted temporary ground anchors of 100-150mm diameter, capable of carrying working loads up to 25 tonne, using either high tensile strand or self drilling (hollow bar) methods.

Our engineering team often implement temporary propping and ground anchors to minimise retention zone thickness where basements have dimensional constraints. With the application of shotcrete and adequate waterproofing, piled walls can serve both a temporary and permanent retention function, eliminating time and cost associated with construction secondary internal skin walls.

Our contiguous/secant pile walls are installed using conventional or cased CFA methods, providing a low vibration/noise solution with minimal ground disturbance in comparison to driven pile techniques. This is particularly beneficial in urban areas where adjacent structures are present. Piled walls also provide a much stiffer form of ground retention, minimising the risk of ground/structure movements during excavation.

Use of CFA methodology provides a low vibration/noise solution with minimal ground disturbance

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