Cased CFA Applications

Belpile has significant experience in delivering projects where improved verticality is required on pile installation. The most common applications where tolerance issues may arise are water retaining (secant) pile walls and sites where limestone pinnacles are likely to impact installation. Undertaking conventional CFA piling for water retaining structures can not always provide suitable verticality to ensure interlock between hard and soft piles at depth. Similarly, drilling variable strength limestone with standard continuous flight augers can be problematic, often resulting in piles deviating outside acceptable positional or verticality tolerance. Both situations can result in costly remedial works after excavation or encroachment on basement space.

Belpile now utilise the latest in cased CFA technology to overcome the commonly encountered installation problems outlined above. The cased CFA system utilises a double rotary drilling head and involves housing the augers inside rigid steel casing. The casing and auger string rotate in opposite directions to advance the pile bore, with the additional stiffness provided by the casing assisting to minimise deviation, resulting in improved pile tolerance.

Belpile now utilise the latest in cased CFA technology…resulting in improved pile tolerance

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