Limited Access / Restricted Headroom Piling

Belpile are industry leaders in limited access and restricted headroom piling applications, having completed a number of large projects across Australia. Our lightweight mini-pile rigs are designed to pass through narrow openings and can operate in headroom as low as 2.0m, making them ideal for working within existing buildings/basements or locations where access for conventional piling machinery is not viable. Due to the size of the equipment and cost effectiveness of container transport, this machinery is a viable option for projects across the country.

With the building and construction industry trending towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly development, a number of multi-storey building refurbishments are requiring upgraded foundations to enable increased structure heights. This technique was employed using enlarged base piling (Belpiles) on the Condor Tower project in Perth, subsequently receiving an engineering excellence award for urban renewal from Engineers Australia.

Belpiles limited access machinery is configured for a sectional continuous flight auger (CFA) technique, making it ideal for pile installation in unstable ground or below water table applications. With the introduction of our latest machine (Hutte HBR203) we now have the capability of installing 250-450mm diameter piles up to 10-14m deep, depending on ground conditions. An enlarged base solution up to a 450/850mm (shaft/base) pile can provide higher capacities in limited access for a more cost effective solution. Coupled with our in house engineering and restricted headroom static load test capability, Belpile can provide design and construct solutions for most applications.

Restricted Headroom Capabilities


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