Top Down Construction and Limited Tolerance

Belpile has been at the forefront of the development of the “Top-Down” system of basement construction in Perth and has successfully completed several small and large scale projects including the 500 Hay Street redevelopment and Cockburn Gateway Stage 2 shopping centre development.

This form of construction has the potential to create significant time/cost savings, particularly on construction projects with large or multi-level basements. Typically, this construction method involves casting structural steel sections or ‘plunge columns’ onto piles whilst maintaining an extremely tight plan position and verticality tolerance. Belpile has developed specialist installation technology and procedures to minimise plan/verticality deviation which allows plunge columns to be installed over multiple basement levels.

Belpile also has significant experience in the positioning of cast in plates and anchor bolt assemblies to minimal tolerances, simplifying some types of construction.

Cockburn Gateway
Project Survey

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