Load Testing and Performance Monitoring

Belpile has an unrivaled willingness to undertake static load tests in order to confirm and improve design solutions. On larger projects, undertaking early works load testing can result in significant cost savings, due to the design benefits outlined in AS2159. Belpile has an extensive library of full scale static load tests in a variety of soil conditions which have formed and refined our design knowledge. We routinely instrument (strain gauge) our static load tests to allow more accurate assessment of pile shaft/base contribution in various materials.

Belpile are also capable of undertaking high strain dynamic load tests and low strain pile integrity testing (PET). High strain dynamic tests are usually “calibrated” with static load tests in accord with industry best practice. In 2013, Belpile was the first piling contractor in WA to undertake a RIMCELL Test, a method which involves loading the pile from the base rather than the pile head.

Belpile has also undertaken extensive performance monitoring on contiguous/secant walls to allow more adequate prediction of ground movements during excavation which may impact adjacent structures. This database of information is invaluable in predicting performance on future projects in urban environments.

Belpile frequently predict pile capacity to within 10%.

Download Belpile Capability Statement